Harvey Maria Check by Neisha Crosland: Dining Room Makeover - Love Chic Living

Want to find out what this floor is, where it's from and what it's like to live with? Well here you go, the full review of Check by Neisha Crosland at Harvey Maria is now up on the blog.
Forget statement walls, it's all about the statement floor!


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Happy Friday peeps! I’m off to the @vuelio awards in town tonight and looking forward to meeting and catching up with a few people. It’s a chance to get all dressed up, which I love, and to have a sneaky night away too. Might even get in a bit of Xmas shopping, you never know. Anyway, here’s a pop of yellow to brighten your day. This is the new @brabantia Bo Touch bin which I’ve just written about in full on the blog. I love it! Mine has two buckets, the second for recycling, so it’s uber practical as well as being incredibly stylish. Pretty neat huh?
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The New Brabantia Bo Touch Bin: Waste Never Looked this Good - Love Chic Living

Looking for a stylish and innovative way to store your rubbish?! (Never thought that's a sentence I'd write on here). Well I've been testing out the brand new Brabantia Bo Touch Bin - just so you don't have to - and I can confirm that it's a winner.

If you don't like yellow - and I know lots of people don't - there are some less vivid colours to choose from.


Photos du journal

Another sneak peek of the dining room today with a shot I took yesterday. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite look like this right now as kitchen work is still ongoing and all the junk is piled high in here AGAIN. I’m fed up with it now. We’ve had to accommodate tradespeople and changing plans for the last few weeks, and whilst it should all have been finished tomorrow, it’s going to be at least another week. First world problems I know but I have a big family party to plan and cook for and no kitchen!! Argh. Tell me it will all be worth it in the end.
The sofa and floor are looking pretty amazing though right?? The full tour will be coming soon but there’s a review of this beautiful @darlingsofchelsea Loveseat up on the blog right now. And what about that @harveymaria floor? I know!!
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I've put a new sofa in my dining room (we like to hang out in here as well as eat here) and it's totally the business.
Say hello to the Charnwood Loveseat from Darlings of Chelsea!

Isn't she a beauty?!

You can read the full review on the blog right now.


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Posters and wall art. They have to be one of my favourite accessories, and they’re so easy to use. This one in the corner is from the @juniqeartshop Art Advent Calendar last year which I framed and popped on this shelf in the living room. I can’t wait for this year’s calendar; JUNIQE’s art is quirky and different and just my style. If you fancy having a go at winning one for yourself, I’m running a giveaway all this week over on the blog. I’ve put the link in the bio. There are 24 posters in total, all a surprise and all from different artists. They make great gifts too 😉😉
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Photos de la publication de Love Chic Living

Woohoo, it's giveaway time! You know how much I love a good giveaway, and this one even has a Christmas theme. I've teamed up with JUNIQE to offer one of their amazing art ADVENT calendars, to one lucky winner.

These really are great, and I know first hand as I had one last year. 24 very cool art posters, all different, all stunning. Presented in a box, limited edition of just 1000.

Easy entry, just check out the blog post and follow the instructions.
Please share if you would like to (not necessary for entry) and let's have some giveaway fun!

#win #giveaway #juniqe

(Art images are illustrations from the JUNIQE site and not representative of posters in the advent calendar)


Photos du journal

Here’s a sneak peek of my dining room taken a few weeks ago when it was still unfinished, but looking ok. Well today is the day that the floor finally goes down, and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to put it all together properly; we’ve a cute new loveseat sofa in here too. So more shots to come very soon. And a full reveal on the blog too, I promise.

Paint: @farrowandball Middleton Pink
Artwork: @homesense_ukie
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Do you invest in bespoke furniture? I think we often perceive it as too costly but in actual fact, if you find the right company or tradespeople, it’s well worth the investment. I wrote a whole post about this on the blog recently, and I’ve been thinking more and more about it, particularly as I’m having a fair bit of work done in the house right now. Part of me wishes I’d had more bespoke pieces made in the past, but I think I just didn’t have the right mindset. IKEA is fabulous, and I have plenty of it, but sometimes it’s good to mix it up and buy into bespoke, unique pieces made just for you. What do you think?
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What's your flooring of choice? Wood, vinyl, carpet, or another?

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Happy Friday! Looking forward to the weekend as it’s been a long week, but a highlight had to be my trip to meet @darlingsofchelsea at their Birmingham store to check out their sofas AND talk all things Pinterest. Not only do they have gorgeous sofas (how lush is this leather corner sofa) but they are the perfect client when it comes to Pinterest strategy. This is the part of my work that I love the most! What’s the best bit about yours?
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I'd like to know - how many throws do you have in the house? Me? 9

10 Easy Ways to Revitalise Your Home This Christmas - Love Chic Living

Who's started some home projects to get their home ready for the festive season. Now's the time! I've even made a list of 10 easy things you can do to freshen your home. Are you tackling any of these?


Are you doing any home updates ready for the festive season?

Have you bought any new Christmas decorations yet this year? Me: Hell yeh!

Photos de la publication de Love Chic Living

I’m renovating my kitchen currently and yesterday installed some new worktops. Thought I’d share some progress photos as a way of showing that it’s not all pretty pretty over here at Love Chic Living!

Kitchen doors are off being sprayed black. The new white worktop has come from Maxtop Quartz and looks amazing so far. A little way to go yet!

5 Home Decoration Hacks to Bring More Farmhouse Character to your Home - Love Chic Living

Is the Farmhouse country style one you love but struggle to recreate? I've got a great post by the very talented Fifi McGee on the blog, showcasing the best 5 ways to update your home to achieve this look. Go check it out!


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Have you planned your next holiday? I'd highly recommend a UK break - we've just had another great time in the British countryside. For your next trip, why not check out Wales? It's often a little cheaper than Cornwall and Devon and the views are just as stunning.


Is Bespoke Furniture Worth the Investment? - Love Chic Living

Have you ever invested in bespoke furniture for your home? Do you think it's worth the extra? I'd love to know your thoughts.


Top Tips for Bringing the Outside In this Christmas - Love Chic Living

So, here starts my Christmas advice and tips for creating a festive home! First up I have a lovely guest post from the talented Kate at The Home Design School on how to bring the essence of nature into your home at Christmas. Enjoy!


Halloween - do you decorate the house?

The Benefits of Use Tech in Bathroom Design - Love Chic Living

Designing a bathroom is always troublesome, but companies are now using virtual reality to make this experience easier, more pleasurable and very high tech. Check out my thoughts, and more of an explanation on how this works. If you're about to design a new bathroom you NEED to give this a go!


How to Avoid the Hidden Dangers of House Hunting - Love Chic Living

A little bit more of a serious one from me today. How do you avoid hidden dangers within houses when you're house hunting? Check out my tips!


I just bought a mini kitchen from IKEA. #excited

Who's loving the supermarket Home ranges this Autumn? Sainsburys are killin' it!

Triple Your Traffic Challenge Day 5!
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Welcome to Day 5 of my Master the Triple your Traffic Pinterest plan!

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For today’s task, I would like you to create your pinning plan or strategy.

Fill in the blanks in this statement:

Each day I’m going to make [state the number] of pins, add them to Pinterest via [state manual pinning or scheduler]. I’ll also add [state the number] of repins or saves from other pinners, totalling around [state total number] of pins to my profile every day. I’ll review my Pinterest boards every [add number] of days/months (delete as appropriate) and am thrilled I now have a proper pinning plan to triple my traffic from Pinterest.

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Do your children make their own beds?

Small Bathroom Updates: Keeping it Warm and Cosy - Love Chic Living

Small bathrooms are sooooo tricky to decorate. How do you keep them feeling warm and cosy? Well here are a few of my top tips in a recent blog post.


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Who's changed from their summer duvet to winter?

I may have just ordered a new Christmas Tree. Anyone else?

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If you had to leave your house right now, what would you take with you?

What was the last thing you broke in the house? Me - a favourite mug 😥

What's the most expensive thing you've bought for your home? And the cheapest?

Minimalism or maximalism. Which one is for you?

How do you feel about employing a cleaner?

How many people live in your home?

Abodian Signs, Unique Modern Acrylic House Numbers and Signs.

Looking for something stylish for the front of your house? Check out these lovely house signs - how cool are they?


Photos de la publication de Love Chic Living

So, I've been checking out the new A/W17 collection from Heart Of House at Argos. Great style at affordable prices. Here are some of my fave pieces - more in the blog post. Are you a fan?


What's the last thing you do before you leave the house in the morning?

Have you ever got locked out of your house?

Who controls the TV remote in your home?

Do you own any smart home technology? Me - Amazon Echo & Philips Hue

Find Your Perfect Holiday Home #7: Wolborough House, South Devon - Love Chic Living

Looking for a holiday cottage with a difference. Look no further. This is an Edwardian mansion for 16 people so if you need something for a celebration, an anniversary or simply a big get together, this is for you. Oh, and OMG check out these views!


Giveaway time! I'm paired up with the lovely Green Lili to give one lucky reader a set of 3 tropical prints. So on trend right now, they'd look amazing on your walls. It's dead easy to enter, follow the instructions in the blog post and bam... you're good to go!

Oh and do share, I'd love to get the word out and let everyone know about this gorgeous company.

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Who's started their Christmas shopping?!

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