Do you care if you buy something from a store that's copied a designer piece?

How long did it take to buy your last house?

Søstrene Grene

If you live near me in Nottingham, I highly recommend you check out this store. It's divine. Homewares, crafting, kids stuff and more. All at great prices. Unfortunately you can't buy online nor is there a store anywhere else in the UK. Come on Søstrene Grene, we want more!

Photos de la publication de Love Chic Living

I can't tell you how much I enjoy writing this series of posts.
It's a guide to finding the best holiday cottages in the UK, the ones that look fabulous as well as have great locations, so if you're looking for inspiration, this month is all about the Lake District.

For the Pinterest fans amongst you - bloggers and businesses. Have you considered what you *should* be pinning each month? There are definite trends on Pinterest and if you follow them (at the right times) you increase your saves, repins and clicks hugely.
Here's what you need to be pinning in August!

5 Reasons You Need Shutters in Your Home

Ever considered having window shutters? Or maybe you have them already. If so I'd love to know if you like this post, with 5 reasons why you should consider them for your home. I'd love to know if they're really not for you.

Are there any products you'd like to know more about in a YouTube review?

How to Create a Scandinavian Lagom Home Interior

How to embrace the Swedish lagom way of life and interpret this into your home. My new post up on the blog today. Move over Hygge, lagom is here for Autumn.

House cleaning: something you do on a particular day or just 'as and when'?

Coffee tables. A living room essential or a waste of time?

Gardening. Love it or hate it?

What's the best feature about where you live? I love my community.

What's your worst decorating mistake? Mine: adding food colouring to paint 🤣🤣🤣

PINSIGHT Pinterest Course Summer Sale

Pinterest fans, I'm having a Summer Sale!
For the whole month of August you can get over 30% off my Pinterest training course, PINSIGHT.

Perfect for bloggers, brands and small businesses, this is all you need to master Pinterest, boost your traffic, grow sales and increase your email list.
It's available right now to help you learn the right Pinterest setup, how to master making the most effective pins, and fit pinning into your busy schedule.

Go check it out!

Where was the first place you lived on your own away from parents?

Unique and Eclectic mix of homeware and gifts | Industrial Furniture | Lighting | Wallpaper | Art

Shop of the Week: This week it's all about Rockett St George. Go check them out!

Photos de la publication de Love Chic Living

If you saw my living room reveal the other day you might be interested to learn more about the Moduleo UK - Luxury Vinyl Flooring we've used. It's a VINYL. I know, right? Nope it's not real wood and it's warm and comfortable and looks the business.

Do go and check it out if you want to find out more.
And thanks to Thomas Joseph Interiors for such a great fitting job!

What's your verdict on BBQ's? Love 'em or hate 'em. They're a bit messy ;)

What the best piece of storage in your home? Me - the kitchen coat rack!

Photos du journal

The latest Pinterest blog post has hit the internet!

Are you making these 3 common Pinterest mistakes? And quite likely harming your business and blog promotion in the process.

If you are, don't worry, I've given you the solutions and quick fixes too, (and mostly they're really simple).

I think no. 2 is probably the most common, what do you think?

When was the last time you had your house valued?

Photos de la publication de Love Chic Living

The newly decorated living room reveal has arrived. If you've ever fancied dark walls, check out how they look, how I've gone from light to dark and what I've done to make it easy to live in.
And if you haven't watched the video yet, click through for a vlog tour.

Photos de la publication de Love Chic Living

Last week I went and visited a Magnet Kitchens showroom which includes all the latest, cutting edge technology the brand is using to help customers design their kitchens. Honestly, it's the best fun creating a kitchen, then using virtual reality to step inside it, before it's even been built!

You have to see it to believe it.
There's a video tour too so you can see me live, having a go!

Living Room Makeover Room Tour

Want to have a little sneak peek around my living room? This makeover will go live on the blog tomorrow, but I've just uploaded a video room tour and thought you might like to see it before the rest of the blog readers.

Would love to hear your thoughts, comments and any questions, if you have them.

Photos de la publication de Love Chic Living

Looking to renovate your kitchen? I've got 3 brilliant ways to create a luxury kitchen on a budget. You're welcome ;)

YouTube Intro Jen Stanbrook

Check out this little piece my 10 year old made for my YouTube channel. It's the intro that will go at the front of all my new vlogs and videos. I know I'm biased but isn't she talented?
So the plan is to do a new vlog each week. Last week was an attic conversion Q&A. This week.... well stay tuned, I'll be letting you know in the next day or so ;)
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How to Create A Contemporary Moroccan Interior

Good morning on this sunny Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
Today I've just published a post on incorporating a jazzy Moroccan vibe into your more neutral contemporary interior, and how you can do this without compromising your look, but still adding personality. I'd love to know your thoughts.

Photos du journal

I've started making some YouTube videos again. It's been a while since I've done some but it's the creative outlet I'm looking for at the moment. There will be a new one every week from now on so check it out. this week, I've done a little Q&A about Attic Conversions. If you've ever wondered how much they cost, then have a listen. If you like what you see, please please hit the subscribe button!

Photos du journal

For my Pinterest loving fans - here's why you should NEVER steal images from Pinterest for your blog posts or pins. And what to do about finding the right ones to use. Plus there's a free cheatsheet included in the post so get reading!

Find Your Perfect Holiday Home #5: Old Oaks Cottage, Norfolk

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my post yesterday. It meant a lot.
Today, normal service is resumed and I'm sharing a post from a series I have absolutely loved writing (more to come too). If you're looking for the perfect holiday home, and wondering how you go about finding one in the UK, you must check out this series.
I've just put together my top find for Norfolk - a cute cottage with pool and hot tub. And the decor is just .... spot on. Take a tour.

Photos du journal

Happy Wednesday! I've been on a little social media break, recharging in the sunshine and generally taking stock. I've been finding my work very difficult recently, falling out of love with blogging and frustrated by my coaching business, so as we hit the half year point it was definitely time to rethink things. I've been doing this for 5 1/2 years and being online all the time is incredibly draining for me, but I have always loved it and felt so lucky to get to do some of the opportunities I've been given. But that joy was lost. I was feeling downtrodden, jaded and quite honestly a little bored. The joy had gone. So I'm going back to basics, writing more about what I love, changing the coaching slightly and throwing in something new and creative. It's absolutely the change I need. And that's where this photo comes in. It's part of a set I'm using for a new little project, taken by my 10 year old (I know, right!), which will all be revealed very soon. If you are feeling the same, it's well worth stepping back and taking some time out. It's sometimes all that you need.
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7 Easy Ways to Rock the Dark Walls Trend

Dark walls are everywhere aren't they? But they take some getting right. Check out my 7 easy ways to rock this trend, with imagery help from some fab interior bloggers, Swoon Worthy Blog Tidylife Making Spaces

What's your secret home accessories obsession. I squirrel away candles!

Big or small, what do you love most about your garden?

What part of your home do you hate spending money on. Me: The ROOF!

If you could change one thing about your home, what would it be? Me: the mess 😂😂

Photos du journal

Happy #nationalkissingday everyone. Make sure you kiss your favourite people today. Thanks to @myvquk for sharing this shot I took last year in celebration.
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Photos du journal

For all my Pinterest mad followers. How to find the BEST Tailwind Tribes - my tips and advice in a new blog post. Go take a read!

Sophie Robinson

A great list on ALL the interior design crimes and how to avoid them from the fabulous Sophie Robinson.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

What to Buy for your Home in the Sales this Summer

Looking for some bargains? Check out my little guide for what to buy for your home in the summer sales at the moment. I found a few fabulous bargains.
Rose and Grey John Lewis Habitat MADE.COM Rockett St George

Which is your favourite?

Have you bought anything for your home in the sales yet?

Unique and Eclectic mix of homeware and gifts | Industrial Furniture | Lighting | Wallpaper | Art

Shop of the Week: This week it's Rockett St George who I love for their edgy, industrial home interiors and wicked style.

Do go and check them out!

New Q&A YouTube video. What home decor questions do you need answering?

Lane Sample and Seconds Sale

For all my local friends and followers, Lane is having sample sale this weekend if you want to get yourselves over there and grab some bargains.

Photos de la publication de Love Chic Living

Fancy a peak at what I got up to on my day at the races? I went along to Royal Ascot courtesy of home brand Christy (one of my favourites) and we had a blast.

You can read all about it in today's post. And no I didn't manage to wear those shoes all day!

Who's going to be decorating this weekend? Hands up.

Why Every Decorating Project Starts with Colour Charts

Do you start a decorating project with colour charts?

Get your hands on a cool set of charts courtesy of Kent Blaxill Colchester without leaving the comfort of your armchair.

New Tricks

If you're looking for decorations to put on your walls why not try paint your own canvas? if you're going to

buy gouache paint online

why not check out